Shadowclub WOW audiences on Kings of Leon tour | 01/11/2011

Shadowclub were given a wonderful opportunity by our good friends at Big Concerts to support Kings of Leon on their South African tour.  As a famous SA journalist once said: "when the support act is on stage it's usually the time you go off to buy a few beers and grab a bite to eat".  This week Shadowclub broke that 'rule' and won over a new army of fans with two intense and passionate performances at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town and the FNB Stadium in Joburg.

Here's a handful of the messages and tweets we received from fans following their performances this week:

"You guys kicked ass at the KOL concert! My new fav sa band!!"

"Shadowclub > Kings of Leon.  And Kings of Leon were amazing."

"You guys were mind blowing last night. Seriously, amazing stuff.

sick show last night guys!!! Shadowclub next big thing!"

"Great show, Joe Strummer is alive and kicking !"

"Kings Of Leon were awesome last night! I still think Shadowclub owned the evening, hands down! Wicked weekend, thanks to everyone!!"

"They were incredible!! Where can we get their album?? Do you know the name???"

"ShadowClub owned that concert!!!! Its the first time I've heard you okes, but you have an instant hardcore fan!!!"

"u guys rocked my world last night ... came early especially for you guys and was worth every fight for parking space..!! ♥ will definitely be scouting for your album today.. AMAZING performance well done :)"

"You guys killed it at the KOL concert last night. Wonderful talent. Hope I can find your record at musica. My assignment for the day."

"F**** Amazing live show. Shadowclub killed it like they do!!!"

"Amazing performance at Kings Of Leon tonight! Will be finding another live performance to attend!"

"You guys were incredible at the KOL concert tonight! Great stuff."

"Wow…!!! You guys were AMAZING at Kings of Leon tonight....!! Thank you SO much…"

"Screw KoL - @shadowclub were the highlight of the evening! What an awesome set! #NewFavrouiteLocalBand"

"@shadowclub you guys were better than #KOL - you were so good I'm going to hunt your cd down today! Where can I get it?"

"Met @shadowclub last night!!definitely a highlight of my year!#SAmusic !!"

"@shadowclub, what a opening act for #kingsofleon. You guys are pretty bef**."

"@shadowclub so where does a new fan get his hands on more ShadowClub awesomeness?! You guys rocked #KOL!"

"@shadowclub wow you guys rocked last night! Definitely a highlight for me. Must definitely watch some more of ur gigs."

"Thanks to @5FM for an awesome night last night. Kings killed it but BIG up to @shadowclub. Awesome band!!! #KOL"

"@shadowclub WOW! New fan after that performance! Love the sound! Great to hear fresh and real rock n roll! Blew my mind."

"Thank you @doctorfollowill @youngfollowill and @shadowclub for the best night of my life. Lord ha' mercy."

"Wooohooo @shadowclub taking to the stage at #KOL! Finally a gr8 SA band opening for an intl one!"

"I take it all back. Shadowclub is kicking ass. So. Much. Ass. #kingsofleon"

"@shadowclub is so epic!!!"

"ShadowClub killing it on stage! #KingsOfLeon"

"Jacques making us proud!! ShadowClub on stage ... NSA rep!"

"Shadowclub f**king rocks!"

"dude #shadowclub are so amazing. You should be here!"

"@shadowclub love pure love…."

"Band No 2: Shadowclub. Verdict: Rocks rocks rocks. I might be in love."

"@shadowclub are the best band on the scene right now! No lies!!!!"

"@shadowclub putting on a bust out set at #KOL. These guys love the big stage"

"@shadowclub dear lead singer, my BFF would LOVE to have dinner with you :)"

"<3 LOVE #shadowclub!"

"@shadowclub are as amazing in this stadium as expected."

"#Shadowclub rocking out at the FNB stadium in Jozi."

"Wow @shadowclub!!!!! Holy hell! I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #KOL"

"Seriously loving @shadowclub they have started the paaaarrrtaaaaayyy #kingsofleonconcert"

"What an awesome band @shadowclub is. WOW #KOL"

"@shadowclub f**k I love this A LOT!! Killing it #KOL"

"First Shadowclub experience! Awesome band!"

"I LOVE @shadowclub! U oaks rocked it at #KingsOfLeon!!!!"

"@JustMusicSA @shadowclub awesome awesome awesome band. Next big thing!!"

"#Shadowclub - effing awesome. Well done, raw SA talent! X"

"#shadowclub pretty f**ken awesome"

"@shadowclub AMAZING at fnb stadium!!!!!"

"@Kingsofleon, expecting big things from u cause @shadowclub is raising a pretty high bar. SA music is the best music u neva knew u loved."

"#shadowclub rocked @ #KOL concert... She knows…"

"The sound in the stadium is brilliant. And Shadowclub have instantly become one of my favorite SA bands. #KOL"

"@shadowclub You guys were PHENOMENAL!!!"

@shadowclub you guys are fucking rocking! #KOL

"Hey @shadowclub erm that was just brilliant hey!!"

"@shadowclub u guys killed it lasty night! Booya!"

"@shadowclub - Damn. Now I wish I didn't have such a big #KOL hangover. You guys were EPIC last night. ♥"

"Screw KoL - @shadowclub were the highlight of the evening! What an awesome set! #NewFavrouiteLocalBand"

"@shadowclub - They are amazing. And live?! WOW!"

"After last nights outstanding performance I went and bought the @shadowclub cd! Hope it rocks!"

"@shadowclub was so awesome finally seeing you guys live last night! Awesome stuff:) any plans for a durban gig soon..... :D"

"@shadowclub you guys were better than #KOL - you were so good I'm going to hunt your cd down today! Where can I get it?"

"@shadowclub defenetly band of the night!"

"I feel complete now that iv seen you guys live! =] Thank you!"

"You guys kicked ass at the KOL concert! My new fav sa band!!"

"Best part of Kings of Leon, was hearing you guys rock the f*** out !"

"Looks like @shadowclub were the big hit last night! Watch out SA Rock n Roll bands, @shadowclub is the real deal!"

"if you missed @shadowclub last night, you missed the stuff of legends. #kol"

"@shadowclub are the only opening act worth leaving the bar for"

"@shadowclub. Is my new favorite SA band, holy sh**balls they're good!!!"