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Ashton Nyte
“Ashton Nyte is somewhat of a musical genius” BC (Blog Critics) "The music of Ashton Nyte is an intelligently and exquisitely executed blend of truly unique vocals and infectiously original melodies. Each song testifies to the artist's dedication to fully developing his craft, and reflects
aKING is a melodic, alternative pop-rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa. The band is one of South Africa's top rock acts, drawing capacity crowds at venues and festivals across the country.Over the past four years, their energetic live sets and thought provoking lyrics have won them scores of
Lakota Silva
With her wild hair, gifted voice, untainted spirit and immensely mammoth heart, it is no wonder Lakota Silva is brewing up an electrifying wave in the South African Music Industry, and soon- Internationally. Lakota Silva born and raised in hearty Cape Town, South Africa, attended schools in which sh


M83 In 2003, Frenchmen Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau enjoyed international acclaim for the album Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, a luscious blend of shoegaze aesthetics, ambient pop, and progressive textures. But M83 had been relea
The unconventional route machineri took to recording their debut album suits singer Sannie Fox. The band Fox formed in 2008 with fellow guitarist Andre Geldenhuys only began playing live last spring. By then, their seductive, blues-infused rock had f
Macy Gray
“These were songs that I would’ve probably written in another life,” says Macy Gray in her trademark rasp. She’s been asked to identify the common denominator linking the wildly varied songs on Covered, her stunning new collection of cover so
Mark Lanegan
Mark Lanegan (born November 25, 1964) is an American rock musician and songwriter. Lanegan began his music career in the 1980s, forming the grunge group Screaming Trees with Gary Lee Conner, Van Conner and Mark Pickerel. During his time in the band L
Martin Solveig
Martin Solveig has sharply risen from being a well-respected DJ, to one of the most formidable producers and performers in the world. His music has sold well into the millions, his music videos are renowned as by far the best in their class and his p
Matthew Mole
Matthew Mole - 'I'm not the best at speaking, but through music, it's completely comfortable.  Music - It takes up a lot of my time, it drives me, it makes me who I am.I try to live my life a little differently to the way most people think it sh
Maya Jane Coles
Life has been changing quite dramatically for a 25 year old British-Japanese, producer/dj by the name of Maya Jane Coles on the brink of the release of her biggest body of work to date; her debut album "Comfort" things look set to keep on changing...
Micachu And The Shapes
Micachu & the Shapes are London-based trio Mica Levi, Raisa Khan and Marc Pell. ‘NEVER’ is their second studio album and was fully recorded and produced by the band themselves at Pell’s handmade studio in Stratford. Renowned for recording w
“I guess I just accept that the music business has fallen apart,” says Moby, describing the unexpectedly fruitful environment that spawned his upcoming album, Innocents. “That demise means that, as a 47-year-old musician, when I make a record,
Moonchild Sannelly
Moonchild was born to an extroverted woman of song who’s independence was before her time.  At the age of 6 months Moon found love in front of the camera.  Young Moon burst onto the entertainment scene as a child model and hasn’t left t
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